About Us

Several years ago, I entered a phase in my life in which I was receiving more and more baby shower invitations. I noticed that I had a tendency of buying baby clothing made of Pima Cotton.  I have always loved and appreciated fashion, design, and hand craftsmanship. That appreciation extended to these outfits that I was purchasing and became enamored with the softness of Pima cotton. I learned that Pima cotton is only grown in Peru and it is highly prized for its silky feel, lustrous look and overall high quality. My husband is from Lima, Peru, and during one of our trips to Peru, we developed the idea of creating a baby clothing line in which I could create my designs using a high quality fabric and precious hand finished details. In 2014, after several trips to meet and select manufacturers who we felt were a good match to create our vision, Cuclie Baby was born. We started with a Knit line with crochet and hand embroidered details, and have expanded to include batiste, poplin and jersey fabrics, all made of the super soft Pima Cotton. I have loved drawing designs and seeing them come to life with such care and attention to detail. Cuclie Baby is a brand dedicated to preserving traditional aesthetic using the world's finest natural fibers. We design clothing and accessories that showcase the amazing qualities of Pima cotton complemented with traditional hand-finished details.